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With nearly two decades of experienced, We are here to help support you by being your Go-To IT Staff for Security, System and Network Administration, or Project Management. Whether you are residential or commercial, we are here for you.

It seems as though every day you hear another malware or ransomware like Wannacry or some other agency like the large retailers or even government agencies falling to the hacker. And that doesn't include systems affected by viruses or those companies who refuse to let such information become public knowledge for fear of causing a panic in the public and among their clients and customers. With such a threat from hackers and virus writers, no company or individual can afford NOT to take steps to prevent such intrusions.

Disaster Recovery does not only mean events like fire, flood or hurricane. It also means systems affected by viruses, intrusion by hackers or just hardware that will eventually cease working. Studies show that 99% of all disaster is related to lost or damaged data and only 1% is due to catastrophic events. When a disaster does strike, most companies who fail to plan for disaster, over 50% fail to re-open their doors.BrainWerkz is experienced in planning for any disaster and can help determine and incorporate a Disaster Recovery plan custom tailored to your needs.

Established in 2003, BrainWerkz was founded on the philosophy that all people deserve quality support from an experienced professional at reasonable prices and with quick response. And, unlike some companies, BrainWerkz believes in helping all customers to develop a level of comfort with performing simpler tasks and only calling in support for those more complicated or time-consuming tasks.

With nearly years experience in the Network and Systems Administration field, managing small to large IT Projects, Routing and Switching, and Senior Level Systems Administration, John is ready to answer all your computing needs. From Disaster Recovery to spy ware and virus removal to home and business networking needs, system and server builds, rebuilds and configuration and administration to individual and corporate training, no task is too difficult.

John Richardson

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  • BrainWerkz is experienced and certified to assist residential and commercial customers with the following tasks:
      Network and System Design
      Network and System Administration
      Network and System Security
      Project Management -- AGILE and Traditional
      Team Management
      Systems Audit
      System Security Posture
      Staff Augmentation

    'John is one of the exceptional IT experts I had pleasure working with throughout my career. He is very passionate in what he does and his zeal of learning something new every day is exemplary. It allows him to always stay on the cutting edge of technology and be the go-to guy for everything networking. At TWIA there was no issue tough enough to present an unsolvable challenge to him.' RUBO CHAR, VP of Enterprise Reporting, Farm Credit Bank of Texas

    'I have worked with John at TWIA for a few years now, back when I was an employee, and now, in my consulting role. I recommend John highly. John's role has grown from a network support person to the "go to" guy for our most critical network issues. This is no surprise. He has been on a growth trajectory since he arrived at TWIA. John is constantly learning and growing, both professionally and personally. He seems to always be reading and studying, either for his personal or professional development, which is very impressive to me. He has passed very stringent CISCO and Microsoft certification exams during his time here, while continuing to work full-time, and even worked extra hours to support our programming and business groups during the busy season. One of the things I like about John is that he solves problems, and several of us here in the IT group know that John is the one to go to for particularly thorny issues, such as setup or troubleshooting our multi-VM, multi-server production, development, and test environments. Going straight to John is usually the shortest distance to a solution. TWIA has grown 10-fold since I first got here 8 years ago, and system uptime, both internally and externally, has become critical. John has been a key part of keeping us up and running. I would gladly work with John in the future, and recommend him without reservation.' CURTIS GUILBOT, Executive Coach and Digital Transormation Advisor

    'I have worked with John on multiple occasions. He is very personable and easy to work with on any project ranging from regular work to emergency fixes. His skills are top notch and he approaches problems logically and from multiple angles so that they get solved fast and correctly. I highly recommend John!' MATT PARDO, Web Application Security

    'I've used John's services on more than one occasion, both as a vendor to my consulting practice and as a subcontractor for client jobs. He is knowledgeable of the field, flexible in his approach, extremely timely in delivery, and reasonably priced. I will use his services again without hesitation!' TED SMITH, Sells Walkable Austin


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